Workplace Knowledge Library

Knowledge Library makes your key information accessible and discoverable on any device. Create, store and share your files all in one place - just like a company intranet.

Workplace Knowledge Library is the home for all your key resources

Knowledge Library allows you to use simple, intuitive tools and templates to create new pages and attach files, images and more.

Store, discover and share content

Whether it’s employee onboarding materials or business travel policies, you can store, discover and share your most important resources in one place in Knowledge Library.

Hero images for categories

Make your company content more visible and engaging with category hero images. Add a cover photo of your choice, or make categories more personalized with your brand logo.

Manage permissions

Flexible permissions in Knowledge Library let you decide who has access to your content. That means you’re always in control of managing key documents.

Search in categories

Search helps you find what you’re looking for within a category in a more targeted way. So it’s totally painless to find exactly what you need, when you need it, and quickly.

Keep everyone on the same page with Knowledge Library

Knowledge Library is a simple and intuitive company intranet. It also makes it easy to track Workplace engagement, so you know what kind of content resonates with your team.

It’s a standard Workplace feature

Knowledge Library comes as a standard Workplace feature, whether you choose the Core Plan or optional add-ons. So you won’t pay any extra, no matter which package you choose.

It’s easy to use

Unlike other intranets, Knowledge Library is a simple, out-of-the-box solution that doesn’t need tech support. It’s just as easy to create and share documents as it is to keep them updated.

It’s fully integrated

Our Knowledge Library API pulls in content from other intranets like SharePoint, making it simple to find or migrate key information without ever having to leave Workplace.

It’s for everyone

Knowledge Library is designed with mobile in mind, so all your employees can access essential knowledge, including your frontline, hybrid and remote workers.


saved for frontline workers thanks to better access to key information.


time saved from easier access to resources


time saved on onboarding due to better access to resources on Workplace.

Source: Forrester Total Economic Impact Report (commissioned by Workplace), 2022

Knowledge Library


You can find Knowledge Library in the ‘Explore Menu’ underneath the feed. It sits alongside your chat threads, group posts and live video content as a center for collective knowledge across your entire business. Best of all, you can use one simple search bar to find all of your company’s content and information. Find out more in the Help Center.

You don’t need any specialist skills to create your Knowledge Library because it uses the same simple and familiar tools for content creation as the rest of Workplace. Anyone in your Workplace community can be given access to create, edit and publish content, and to view individual categories. That means that everyone always has access to the right content.

Your Knowledge Library home is a customizable page that directs people to relevant information. The home page will be unique for each viewer based on the categories they have access to, but admins can highlight priority categories and key links that can be visible to everyone. You can also customize your home page with cover photos, files, tables, images and videos, and text such as headers, bullet points and quotes.

"We were able to deploy Knowledge Library in under a day to make sure that our employees were kept informed about COVID-19."

Steve Clark

Senior Manager, Communication Channels, Virgin Atlantic

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